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Is Platform Physio right for you?

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Is Platform Physio right for you?


Conditions treated include :

    •  Low back pain
    •  Neck pain & whiplash injuries  Peripheral joint injuries, both  traumatic and insidious onset 
    •  Sports Injuries
    •  Traumatic & Overuse injuries
    •  Pre and post operative rehabilitation (ie: arthroscopy,  immobilisation)
    •  Arthritic, stiff and painful joints
    •  Muscular & postural issues
    •  Sprains and strains
    •  Peripheral neurological issues (ie: sciatica, carpel tunnel, De  Querven’s, Thoracic Outlet)


 Modalities used :

    • Soft tissue mobilisation techniques 
    • Joint mobilisations and manipulations 
    • Progressive stretching and strengthening exercises
    • Kinesio Taping
    • Exercise prescription
    • Postural correction and management
    • Electrical therapy (ultrasound)
    • Advice and Education
    • Pilates


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