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As a private practice, Platform Physio has the luxury of time to spend with patients. All initial assessments are allocated 60 minutes with follow up appointments of 30 or 60 minutes as appropriate.


Sports massage treatments can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes as required.

  (From 1st April 2014)



Physiotherapy Treatments: Duration £

Initial Assessment / Re Assessment* 60 mins 55

Follow Up Treatment 30 / 60 mins 40/50

Kinesio Re-tape 20 mins 20

Sports Massage: 30 / 60 mins 40/50




* Re-Assessment required for new conditions or for patients returning for treatment after 6 months


Please Note: There is a surcharge for kinesio tape application of £3-£5 per taping after the initial application if used in follow up treatments. Price for Kinesio re-tape alone does not attract this surcharge.



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