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Terms & Conditions



Payment for treatment is by cash or cheque directly to the physiotherapist following each session, unless prior arrangements have been made. An invoice/ receipt can be provided on request.


Cancellation policy

Please allow 24 hours notice (minimum) if cancelling or moving an appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours may incur a cancellation fee (equivalent to the booked treatment price).


Kinesio Tape surcharge

Due to the high cost of Kinesio Tape itself, a surcharge of £3-£5 per application is applied if used as part of continued treatment (Initial application is exempt). Please note that appointments for Kinesio re-tape alone do not incur this surcharge.


Re Assessment

Reassessment is required for new presenting conditions or where the patient has not attended for a period of 6 months or more. This will be charged as quoted.


Data protection

All relevant medical notes will be held securely and in confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act.